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Maria Augimeri is the City of Toronto Councillor for York Centre – Ward 9. Councillor Augimeri was first elected in 1982 as a School Trustee and was subsequently elected to the City of North York Council in 1985. She has continued to represent the area of Downsview as a City Councillor, acting as an advocate for her residents and championing key local issues.

Councillor Augimeri is committed to the revitalization of Downsview, results which can be seen throughout the Ward 9 area. The revitalization of major road ways and the planting of thousands of trees have improved the appearance of the community. At the corner of Keele and Wilson, the Downsview Memorial Parkette has been redesigned to act as a welcoming oasis into the neighbourhood. Councillor Augimeri states that, “revitalizing and beautifying the Downsview area is a key priority and I will use all of the municipal planning tools to do just that.” In this spirit Councillor Augimeri forged ahead to have Wilson Avenue chosen as an “Avenue” as per the City’s Official Plan to be slated for improvement. As a result, a detailed Streetscape Plan with a new Zoning By-law will facilitate real and positive change for the local area.

Councillor Augimeri led the construction of the new Robert (Bob) Leek Memorial Park in Downsview which has the honour of being named one of Toronto’s 10 Best Places by the Toronto Star. The Councillor was also instrumental in the building of the award-winning Jane/Sheppard Library, which increased readership by 76% among local youth just four months after its opening.

Reaching out to residents, Councillor Augimeri has operated a Community Service Office for the past 25 years, where she meets with her constituents on a one-on-one basis. She has held annual Property Tax and Assessment Clinics to inform local residents of their rights under the law. Councillor Augimeri is committed to City-wide initiatives, evidenced by her success in brokering agreements between the City of Toronto and the school board to maximize community access to space in schools and community centres. Her “After School” programs and innovative childcare projects are used as models for the rest of the City.

Maria Augimeri is an Honours Graduate of English and Anthropology and a former instructor of Social Anthropology at York University. She is an award-winning author of three published works on the Italian-Canadian community. Ms. Augimeri’s poetry has also been published in Canada. Some of her books may be found in Toronto public libraries and the libraries of York University.

(Information provided by Councillor)