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Lucy Troisi was appointed Councillor for Ward 28 on November 2, 2017.

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Lucy grew up in Regent Park with thirteen siblings. It was a challenging time made even more difficult when her working father was struck by muscular dystrophy. But Lucy overcame those challenges with the support of her family. After graduating from Northern Secondary School and then Centennial College she joined the City of Toronto Public Service to begin a 30-year career taking on greater responsibilities and leadership roles.

At the City, Lucy specialized in working on high risk neighbourhoods and developing programs to support the disadvantaged. The homeless baseball league and Toronto’s “Parks Ambassador” programs are two examples of initiatives that she developed to support communities and individuals at risk.

As member of Parks and Recreation, Lucy managed over 300 staff, a million-dollar budget, and helped secure $10M to build the Wellesley Community Centre. She undertook her initiatives leading a team of co-workers at City Hall and in partnership with community groups, local businesses, agencies, and City Councillors.

Lucy then served as Manager of Community Engagement where she led efforts to develop a volunteer management program for volunteers across the city; implemented the Toronto Newcomer Initiative to help newcomers access an array of City Services; and help create a neighbourhood team program to connect thousands of stakeholders throughout Toronto.

In 2011 Lucy Successfully transitioned to the private sector working as an advisor to various businesses. In 2016, she became the Executive Director of the Cabbagetown Youth Centre.

Lucy was honoured to be appointed as the councillor for Toronto Centre-Rosedale, Ward 28 to complete the term of the late Pam McConnell. She looks forward to serving the diverse needs of the people of Ward 28 in the coming year.

As the Councillor for Ward 28, Lucy will focus on the following initiatives:

  • Reduction of poverty through programs and services
  • Protection and security of Toronto Island from future flooding
  • Improve quality of life in Ward 28 with attention to Moss Park, Regent Park and St. Jamestown
  • Responding to needs and wishes of Ward 28 in a timely fashion
  • Encourage good development that benefits Ward 28
  • Support local business

(Information provided by councillor)