The Digital Terrain Model (DTM) is an irregular grid of 3D points (x,y,z) with the density of the grid varying, dependent upon the terrain. Full breaklines are included as part of the data set. Typically, the DTM is used to generate Triangular Irregular Networks (TINs) for the purposes of 3D modeling and analysis.

Map Area: User defined (Full Resolution); Entire City (Generalised)
Total Area: 640km2
Data Size: ~ 420 Mb in total (Full Resolution) or ~ 12 Mb in total (Generalised)
Coordinate System: MTM NAD 27
Vintage: 2005

Format Design Scale Cost
Full Resolution DGN, DXF,
DWG, Text
1:500 $294.26 /km2


Note: Prices listed in Municipal Code Chapter 441 Appendix C Section 18. Purchaser must sign a digital data release form for digital map orders. All prices are subject to HST.