The City’s Property Data Map (PDM) Series is a hybrid product, combining elements of topographic, parcel mapping, the One Address Repository (OAR) and Toronto Street Centreline (TCL). The PDM series provides a base for thematic mapping services and other published hardcopy products.

The PDM depicts the following features: building envelopes, railway lines, major watercourses, curbs, catchbasins, hydrants, streetlights/poles, municipal addresses, street names, property lines, street lines, and right of way boundaries

Tiling Scheme: Concession
Sub-Block Map Area: Varies up to 1.18 km2
Total Map: 921 maps
Coordinate System: MTM NAD 27
Black and White Map

Format Cost
DGN, DXF, DWG $117.72 /map
PDF (11”x17”) (1:4000) $4.72 /map
$164.81 /city set


Note: Prices listed in Municipal Code Chapter 441 Appendix C Section 18. Purchaser must sign a digital data release form for digital map orders. All prices are subject to HST.