The Ravine Protection Line Certificate depicts the locations of lands subject to provisions within the City of Toronto Municipal Code Chapter 658 – Ravine and Natural Feature Protection.

Please note: If you have the ability to add the line on your site plan and/or survey accurately using Microstation, AutoCAD or other CAD/GIS software, you are no longer required to purchase a Ravine and Natural Feature Protection plan from the City of Toronto.

You can download the Ravine Line here:, import this data into your site plan, and submit this as your site plan with the Ravine boundary line to Parks, Forestry & Recreation Division for review.

If you require assistance to add the published Ravine and Natural Feature Protection line on your site plan, we can provide this service for you.  You are required to submit a site plan in DGN or DWG format to

The file must be in metric and to scale.  Files that are in imperial or that are not to scale, will not be accepted.

The Ravine line certificate will be returned to you in DGN, DWG and/or PDF formats.

If you do not have a digital file (DGN/DWG) and must submit a printed site plan, we will mark the ravine line on it.

Format Design Scale Cost
DGN, DWG, PDF, PAPER Varies $76.50 per property


For information on obtaining a Tree Permit to remove, cut down or in any other way injure a tree on private property please contact Parks, Forestry & Recreation.


Note: Prices listed in Municipal Code Chapter 441 Appendix C Section 18. Purchaser must sign a digital data release form for digital map orders. All prices are subject to HST.