The annual Performance Measurement and Benchmarking Report is the key report that is issued by the City Manager’s Office to report on Toronto’s progress. In addition to producing its own performance reports, the City of Toronto is a member of several key initiatives that also monitor and report on the progress of Canadian cities.

New (March 28, 2018): Over the coming weeks, sections of the 2016 Performance Measurement and Benchmarking Report are being published as we complete them.  A full version of the report will be published after all of the sections have been completed.

This report is produced every year and provides detailed information about 36 service areas. Over ten years of Toronto’s historical data are included to examine short and long-term internal trends. The annual data collection process for the information published in this report is a result of a joint effort with other municipalities through the Municipal Benchmarking Network Canada (formerly the Ontario Municipal CAOs Benchmarking Initiative). Toronto’s results are compared externally to the other MBNCanada municipalities.



The World Council on City Data (WCCD) awarded the City of Toronto a platinum designation for its compliance with ISO 37120 – the first international standard for sustainable cities, allowing cities to compare their service delivery and quality of life to other cities globally. The City of Toronto is one of nine cities to receive the highest designation (platinum).

Having an international standard methodology to measure city performance allows the City of Toronto to share its better practices in service delivery, learn from other global cities, rank its results relative to those cities, and address common challenges through more informed decision making.

A summary of Toronto’s results is available below. Visit the World Council on City Data Open Data Portal to compare Toronto’s results to other Foundation Cities.

Toronto’s Results for World Council on City Data (WCCD) Under ISO 37120.

Cover of Toronto's 2013 Results Under ISO 37120

Toronto partners with Canadian municipalities through the Municipal Benchmarking Network Canada. The Municipal Benchmarking Network Canada (formerly the Ontario Municipal Benchmarking Initiative) collects and reports results across a range of municipal service areas on an annual basis.

MBNCanada fosters and supports a culture of service excellence in municipal government by creating new ways to measure, share and compare performance data and operational practices.

The MBNCanada municipalities jointly issue a Performance Measurement Report, which includes results for three years, sorted alphabetically. The MBNCanada Performance Measurement Report does not evaluate or explain the performance results for any single municipality, as that is done through local reporting by each respective municipality.

Toronto utilizes MBNCanada data in its own annual Performance Measurement and Benchmarking Report, and focuses on Toronto’s quartile rankings in relation to the results of the other MBNCanada municipalities as well as Toronto’s own internal historical trends in results over 10 years.

Select the link for the current version of the MBNCanada Performance Measurement Report.

Cover of MBN Canada 2015 Performance Measurement Report


All municipalities in Ontario were required to report out on their annual performance results through the Municipal Performance Measurement Program (MPMP).

The City of Toronto supports the MPMP principles of accountability and transparency and prepares an annual report highlighting Toronto’s results. The MPMP results are also reported in Toronto’s annual Performance Measurement and Benchmarking Report. This report presents a comprehensive overview of Toronto’s results, contains ten years of historical trends, and provides ranked comparisons to other municipalities for 35 different service areas.

Toronto’s MPMP results are available for 2008 to 2012 after which this report was discontinued.