Toronto partners with Canadian municipalities through the Municipal Benchmarking Network Canada (MBNCanada). The initiative collects results from a range of municipal services to support a culture of service excellence in municipal government by creating new ways to measure, share and compare performance data and operational practices on an annual basis. The MBNCanada municipalities jointly issue a Performance Measurement Report, which includes results from the past three years and benchmarks against 15 Canadian municipalities.

Review the latest results in the MBNCanada Performance Measurement Report that was released on October 27th, 2021. All of Toronto’s publicly reportable measures are are also available from the Toronto’s Open Data Portal.


These reports provides detailed information about 36 service areas. Over ten years of Toronto’s historical data are included to examine short and long-term internal trends. The data collection process for the information published in this report is a result of a joint effort with other municipalities through the Municipal Benchmarking Network Canada. Toronto’s results are compared externally to the other MBNCanada municipalities.