To provide context when examining Toronto’s service delivery performance, it is important to consider that municipal property taxes represent approximately 10.5 per cent of the total taxes paid annually by an average Ontario family to all three orders of government. This section highlights several key considerations when reviewing Toronto’s performance results.

Read the Introduction and Context.

Read Other Methods of Assessing Toronto’s Progress.

Before reading the performance of each service area below, please take a moment to review the guide. This section describes:

  • Toronto’s performance measurement framework
  • The colour-coding schemes used to describe Toronto’s internal (year over year) trends and quartile (ranked) results in relation to other municipalities
  • Information about the other Canadian municipalities that Toronto is ranked against
  • How to interpret the various charts used to present results for each performance measure and indicator included in each service area
  • The basis of costing used for the financial-based measures and indicators

Read the 2016 Guide to Toronto’s Performance Results.