JLL’s City Momentum Index identifies cities that are prepared for changes in technology over the short and long term. The Index is compiled of two components of city dynamism:

  • short term market momentum
  • future-proofing (a new section in 2018)

The future proofing section identifies cities that are most prepared for changing technologies in the future. The key variables of the future proofing study include a weighted score of the presence of the world’s top universities, international patent applications, air quality, public transport infrastructure, third-party indices of the innovation economy, and the presence of technology firms.

Toronto ranks 9th of 30 cities. Toronto ranks high because of its ability to commercialize new technology and government support for innovative initiatives.

Ranking City
1 San Francisco
2 Silicon Valley
3 New York
4 London
5 Boston
6 Los Angeles
7 Paris
8 Amsterdam
9 Toronto
10 San Diego