Housing aggregator Nestpick’s 2018 Millennial Cities Ranking placed Toronto 5th of 110 cities successfully attracting the Millennial demographic. This study evaluated 110 cities taking into account four main concerns Millennials consider when selecting a city to call home:

  • Is there work available
  • Can people afford to live a good life
  • Is the city open and tolerant
  • Is it fun

The four themes were weighted as follows:

  • 25% for “Business Ecosystem” (Employment, Start-up, Tourism)
  • 30% for “The Essentials” (Housing, Food, Transportation, Health, Internet, University, Access to Contraception)
  • 25% for “Openness” (Gender Equality, Immigration Tolerance, Personal Freedom and Choice, and LGBT Friendly)
  • 20% for “Recreation” (Nightlife, Beer, Festival)

Toronto ranked high in areas such as the success of local start-ups, food, its stance on immigration, personal freedom, and LGBT friendliness.

Ranking City
1 Berlin, Germany
2 Montréal, Canada
3 London, United Kingdom
4 Amsterdam, Netherlands
5 Toronto, Canada
6 Vancouver, Canada
7 Barcelona, Spain
8 New York City, USA
9 Cologne, Germany
10 Manchester, United Kingdom

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