Toronto tied for 10th place, alongside Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area, in the World’s Most Influential Cities by Forbes Magazine. The ranking scores 58 metropolitan areas in 8 categories: the amount of foreign direct investment attracted, the concentration of corporate headquarters, how many business niches are dominated, air connectivity (ease of travel to other global cities), strength of producer services, financial services, technology & media power and racial diversity. According to Forbes, Toronto, as the economic capital of Canada, has become a focus for international investment and is among the most racially diverse cities on the planet.

Ranking City
1 London, UK
2 New York, USA
3 Paris, France
4 Singapore
5 Tokyo, Japan
6 Hong Kong, Chian
7 Dubai, UAE
8 Beijing, China/Sydney, Australia
10 Toronto, Canada/Los Angeles, USA/San Francisco Bay Area, USA