Check out the City Clerk’s official declaration of results for the offices of school board trustee Conseil scolaire Viamonde (Ward 3 – Centre) and school board trustee Conseil scolaire catholique MonAvenir (Ward 4 – Toronto Est).

2023 By-Election: Candidate Information

Nomination Paper, financial filing requirements, managing your campaign, election rules, guides and forms.

2023 By-Election: Voter Information

Information about voting days, qualifications and eligibility to vote, proxy voting and more.

2023 By-Election: List of Certified Candidates & Third Party Advertisers

Find the current list of all certified candidates and third party advertisers registered for the 2023 by-election.

2023 By-Election: Key Dates

Key dates for candidates, and third party advertisers.

2023 By-Election: Voting Places

Find a map and list of voting places for the January 23 By-election.

Election Rules

Find bylaws, municipal code, legislation, policies and procedures that shape the municipal elections and by-elections.

2023 By-Election: Candidate Qualifications for School Board Trustee

Qualifications for who can be a School Board Trustee candidate.

2023 By-Election: Third Party Advertisers

Information for Third Party Advertisers for the 2023 By-election.