Election event pay has been processed and mailed out. Due to the Canada Post service disruption in November there could still be a delay the delivery of your payment. All payments are subject to CRA taxation rules and payments over $500 are also subject to CPP and EI deductions. T4 slips will be issued to all election workers in February.  For more information please contact elect-hr@toronto.ca.

  • Your election pay cheque will be mailed to the address listed on your appointment notice – target date is approximately 4 weeks after Election Day.
  • Election pay is subject to statutory deductions

Please Note:

Canada Revenue Agency states, if a person is employed by a municipality in connection with a referendum or election to public office, deductions may be withheld from the remuneration paid. Because of this stipulation, you must provide your Social Insurance Number prior to being assigned a position.

If you work less than 35 hours as an election worker in the same calendar year for Toronto Elections, you will not have CPP and EI deducted from your payment. Please note, your income is subject to income tax, no matter how many hours you work, and you will receive a T-4 slip from Toronto Elections.

All staff are required to acknowledge the following declaration:

I declare:

I have not and will not engage in political activity in the 2018 Election including:

  • Supporting or opposing a candidate before or during an election
  • Seeking nomination or being a candidate or registered third party advertiser in the election
  • Canvassing or campaigning on a Toronto municipal referendum question

I am not a family member of an individual seeking nomination or being a candidate in the 2018 Election, and

The information provided is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge.