City of Toronto rules and information for Third Party Advertisers.

Election signs and campaign office signs are subject to rules under the City’s Election Sign By-law and the Municipal Elections Act, 1996.

For information about when, where and how signs may be displayed, visit the Municipal Licencing and Standards web page Election Signs and the quick reference guide on Election Sign Placement.

For candidate who have questions relating to election signs:

For election sign complaints, call 311.


MyCampaign is a secure web portal for candidates and registered third party advertisers that provides information and other tools relating to their campaign.

For registered third party advertisers:

MyCampaign allows registered third party advertisers to:

  • Access the expense limits (preliminary and final)
  • Access the Electronic Financial Filing System (EFFS)
    • Allows you to enter and track contributions, produce contribution receipts, expenses, fund-raising events and produces the complete financial statement
  • View the Notice of Registration paper
  • Submit contact information that gets posted on the City’s website
  • Create and manage accounts for campaign staff
  • Upload their signature for receipt purposes
  • View resources that will assist with their campaign (e.g., notice to banks, candidates’ guide, forms)

EFFS – Electronic Financial Filing System

EFFS is a free online application that is available to all candidates and registered third party advertisers that allows them to:

  • track and calculate all contributions and expenses
  • print receipts
  • import a scanned signature for receipt purposes
  • create an electronic file of receipts and the ability to email directly to contributors
  • link one contributor to multiple contributions
  • be notified of any contributions that exceed the allowable limit
  • input information about fund-raising functions and activities
  • display contribution information (amount of contributions, list of contributors who contributed over $100) on the financial statement
  • produce the financial statement on the prescribed form
  • submit contributions details electronically with the financial statement
  • set up accounts for campaign staff and monitor the activity of those accounts

After the financial filing deadline, the financial statement and list of contributors who contributed over $100 will be posted on the City’s website. Candidates and registered third party advertisers should notify their contributors that their name, address, amount of contribution and who they contributed to will appear on the website. All financial information is available at

Candidates for mayor or councillor who plan to participate in the City’s contribution rebate program are strongly encouraged to use EFFS.

Please note: EFFS enables candidates and registered third party advertisers to input information about contributions and contributors for the purpose of filing a financial statement. Until such information is submitted to the City Clerk, it is the responsibility of the candidate or registered third party advertiser to protect the confidentiality of the contributors’ personal information.

How to access EFFS

Candidates and registered third party advertisers can access EFFS through MyCampaign.


An EFFS manual is available with step-by-step instructions on entering contributions, expenses, fundraisers and producing the financial statement.


If registered third party advertisers or their designates are experiencing technical difficulties they can call 416-338-5998 during regular business hours (8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.) or email

It is the responsibility of the registered third party advertiser to protect any personal information collected for the purpose of filing election forms (eg. Financial Statement), until such time the forms are filed with the City Clerk.

Once filed, documents and materials submitted to the City Clerk are subject to access and privacy provisions of the Municipal Elections Act, 1996 and other applicable legislation.