If the development is adjacent to an existing park or new proposed park the developer or builder should be aware that prior to the issuance of any building permits, if required, they may need to enter into a Limiting Distance Agreement with the City to achieve the required building setback with respect to the Ontario Building Code. This relates to provisions in the Ontario Building Code regarding the percentage of window openings and minimum distances between buildings to prevent fire spread.

Compensation to the City for the use of a portion of the City parkland to satisfy the Ontario Building Code requirement will be required under the Limiting Distance agreement.

Required prior to:

  • Subdivision registration
  • Site Plan Agreement registration
  • Section 37 Agreement registration
  • Release of building permit

Compensation for entering into a Limiting Distance Agreement (Citywide):

  • One time fee based on market value.¬†Market value established by Appraisal Services, Real Estate Services Section.
  • List Authority or Official City Policy allowing you to enter into an agreement and Effective Date.
  • Payment by certified cheque.