If developers and builders require the occupation of a proposed or existing park for construction staging, they would be required to enter into a Park Occupation Permit with the Planning, Design and Development Unit of Parks, Forestry and Recreation.

The permit will outline the details of the park occupancy, restoration and associated fees. The terms of the permit shall be to the satisfaction of the General Manager of Parks, Forestry and Recreation. The rate is negotiated sometimes through the assistance of Facilities and Real Estate.

  • Park Occupation Permit is required prior to Building Permit release.
  • Notice of Condition of Planning Approval.
  • May be a monthly or flat fee or work in kind.
  • Also applies when parkland is used for construction staging¬†or a sales office.

Park Occupation Fee (Citywide)

  • Lease based on market value of area to be used.¬†Market value is established by Appraisal Services, Real Estate Services Section
  • List applicable authority, i.e. agreement, by-law (site specific if applicable) and Effective Date.
  • Payment by Certified Cheque