Complete the following four steps to demonstrate Toronto Green Standard compliance and to help expedite our review of your application:

Step 1. Toronto Green Standard Checklist

Complete the Toronto Green Standard checklist that applies to your development type, in full, and submit the Checklist with your development application. Update the Toronto Green Standard Checklist with each resubmission of the application. Include adequate detail about how each performance measure is addressed and where City staff can locate more information on plans, drawings and in reports.

Step 2. Statistics Template

Complete the Toronto Green Standard Statistics Template that applies to your development type. For Site Plan Control Applications complete the full Statistics template. For stand-alone Zoning By-law Amendment applications, only complete the statistics identified with an asterisk. Copy the completed Statistics Template directly onto the Site Plan or Statistics Plan submitted with your development application.

Step 3. Notations

Ensure that the plans, drawings and reports submitted with your development application clearly demonstrate compliance with Toronto Green Standard performance measures and include adequate detailed notations and legends. Tier 1 must be met to receive Site Plan approval.

Step 4. Energy Report

For buildings greater than 2000 m² a Design Development Stage Energy Report is required to be submitted to the Community Planner prior to Site Plan Approval. The Energy Report summarizes the projected energy performance of a new building and is aligned with drawings and documents submitted during the Site Plan Control stage.