Greenbelt Conformity

The Rouge Valley south of Steeles Avenue in Scarborough is part of a continuous ecological corridor that runs through the city and connects the natural systems of Lake Ontario to the Oak Ridges Moraine. Land within the Rouge Valley is an important part of Toronto’s Green Space System and is designated as Greenbelt Protected Countryside.

Under the Greenbelt Act, 2005, municipalities with land located within the Greenbelt are required to update their Official Plans to reflect the requirements of the Greenbelt Plan and provide mapping showing the boundaries of the Greenbelt Area, the Protected Countryside and the Natural Heritage System. As part of the Five Year Review of the Official Plan, the City is amending its Official Plan to bring it into conformity with the Provincial Greenbelt Plan (2005) and other environmental planning initiatives by:

  • amending Chapter 2 to identify the Greenbelt Protected Countryside and recognize Greenbelt River Valley Connections;
  • amending Site and Areas Specific Policies (SASP) 135 and 141 to reflect Greenbelt Plan requirements, including amending the area subject to the policies and providing more detailed direction on how natural and hydrologic features and functions should be protected; and
  • amending SASP 141 to include a map of the Greenbelt Natural Heritage System, to reflect key policy goals of the 1994 Rouge Park Plan, including protecting the area within 30 meters of the stable top of bank, and to identify how the City will work with Parks Canada on the Rouge National Urban Park.

Here is the City Planning division report that went to the Planning and Growth Management Committee in June 2016.