In 2015, the City Planning Division initiated a study entitled, Growing Up: Planning for Children in New Vertical Communities (the Study). The Study produced draft guidelines to direction how new development can better function for larger households at three scales: the unit, the building and the neighbourhood. The objective is that developments deliver tangible outcomes to increase liveability for larger households at each scale.

The Study expands on Official Plan direction that calls for a “full range of housing, in terms of form, tenure and affordability, across the city and within neighbourhoods.” While previous City Planning work considered policy requirements for the number three bedroom units within buildings the Growing Up Study’s scope expanded to include three scales of inquiry.

The Study also incorporates feedback and direction from the following initiatives:
• Chief Planner’s Roundtable on Planning Cities for Families (2014)
Condominium Consultation (2013 to 2014)
• Living in the Downtown and Centres Survey (2011)

In 2016, City Planning retained a consultant team with expertise in planning, architecture, landscape architecture, marketing, market analysis and engagement to assist with the study, development of the handbook, public and stakeholder consultation activities.