The City launched the Everyone is King Design Build Competition on January 11, 2018. It was an opportunity for businesses, the community and design professionals to be part of and contribute to the rethinking of King Street. The intent of the competition was to create a series of attractive curb lane public spaces on King Street for all to enjoy.

The King Street Transit Pilot began in November 2017, exploring bold, transformative ideas on how to redesign the street and test a range of options to improve streetcar transit reliability, capacity and efficiency. The Pilot also aims to improve place-making and support economic prosperity.

As part of the Pilot, 19 new curb lane public spaces between Bathurst and Jarvis are being created. In December 2017, the spaces were delineated by planters. Local businesses have the opportunity to use the public spaces on their blocks between now and the end of the Pilot (December 2018). Spaces that have not been claimed by local businesses will be included in the Competition. Businesses can choose to animate the space on their own or can have the space designed through the Competition. Once we have heard from the businesses, the total number of spaces will be confirmed and identified. Two of these spaces will be reserved for Durable Destination Parklets and the rest for Temporary Public Space installations.

The public space depths vary between 1.95 to 2.45m and lengths from 15 to 138m. The planters defining the public spaces can be incorporated or excluded from future designs if replaced with other safety measures. Most spaces do not have a power source. Adjustments to the size and location of the public spaces may be required during the year.

Public Space Installations (PSIs) are temporary creative designs that encourage people to gather, sit and enjoy King Street.

PSI – Frequently Asked Questions

Inspiration: creative seating, tables, flowers, shrubs, trees, logs, stones, road murals, map, maze, go-karts, zip-line, curling, skating, shuffle board, hopscotch, mini-putt, weight training, ping-pong, bowling, yoga spaces, garlands, banners, umbrellas, photo exhibit, light projections, reflexology infinity meditation path, music, sculptures, hammocks, performance stage, fashion show catwalk, bleachers, propane heaters (if managed by adjacent business), Little Free Library, World Cup 2018 destination.

Ice Sculptures, Sapporo, Japan: 3 people sculpting ice at street festival.
Ice Sculptures, Sapporo, Japan
Human Foosball, 7 kids playing “human” foosball.
Human Foosball, Perth
Public Art, Brooklyn, New York: Yellow metal ribbon ondulations.
Public Art, Brooklyn, New York

Propane Heater: couple relaxing by the fire.
Propane Heater
Street Mural, Rennes, France: Blue, black, pink, white and yellow geometric mural painted on the the road.
Street Mural, Rennes, France
Yoga in Minneapolis: 9 people doing yoga outdoors during winter.
Yoga in Minneapolis

30 Degree Seating, Montreal: Angular wooden bench and table combination designed for encouraging interactions.
30 Degree Seating, Montreal
Lemonade Stand, Toronto: 3 kids buying lemonade at a street stand.
Lemonade Stand, Toronto
Giant Scrabble, Seattle: 3 people playing a giant scrabble on the street with 20 people watching.
Giant Scrabble, Seattle

Public Seating, San Francisco: 5 people and a dog seated at 3 red café tables with aluminium metal chairs.
Public Seating, San Francisco
La Grande Terrasse Rouge, Montreal: 2 people playing giant peg game
Giant Peg Game, La Grande Terrasse Rouge, Montreal
La Grande Terrasse Rouge, Montreal: Singer with keyboard on a parklet stage with 3 microphones.
Parklet Stage, La Grande Terrasse Rouge

Destination Parklets (DPs) are durable accessible seating areas or green spaces placed adjacent to sidewalks in the curb lanes. Two City-funded King Street parklets will showcase excellence through the great design of resilient, movable and reusable public amenities. After the Pilot, these parklets will continue to be enjoyed, perhaps in another City location.

DP – Frequently Asked Questions

Inspiration: Pavement to Parks, Vancouver Parklets, New York City Street Seats, Minneapolis Parklet Program

. Port de Solferino, Paris: Converted shipping container with glass side.
Port de Solferino, Paris
Plateau Mont-Royal, Montreal: Parklet - Open shipping container with benches and plants.
Plateau Mont-Royal, Montreal
Clovelly Road, Glebe, Australia: Parklet - converted yellow shipping container with benches, tree and shrubs.
Clovelly Road, Glebe, Australia

Elm Street, Toronto: Parklet - organically shaped wooden seating.
Elm Street, Toronto
K Street NW, D.C.: Parklet - modular yellow triangular shapes for seats and plantings.
K Street NW, D.C.
Commonwealth Avenue, Boston: Parklet - blue modular giant lego with seating and plants.
Commonwealth Avenue, Boston

Tooley Street, London: Parklet - wooden zigzag bench with trees and shrubs.
Tooley Street, London

Yerba Buena, San Francisco: Parklet - red metal bin with accessible seating and plants.
Yerba Buena, San Francisco

Robson Street, Vancouver: Parklet - additional pedestrian zone, wooden bench with plants.
Robson Street, Vancouver

Competition Stream 1: Temporary Public Space Installations

January 9 PSI Call for Concept Proposals
January 22 PSI Pre-submittal Meeting
February 6 PSI Deadline for submitting questions
February 15 PSI Concept Proposals Due
Late February Winners to be contacted and agreements to be signed
April* PSI Winners to be Announced
Late April to May* ‘Everyone is King’ PSI Installations coming to the King Street Pilot
December 31* ‘Everyone is King’ PSIs Conclude
* Revised Dates

Competition Stream 2: Durable Destination Parklets

Phase I:
January 9 DP Expressions of Interest Issued
January 22 DP Pre-submittal Meeting
January 25 DP Deadline for submitting questions
January 29 DP Expressions of Interest Due
Early February DP Two Teams Invited to Phase II
Phase II:
February to April DP Detailed Design & Construction
April 23 ‘Everyone is King’  DP Installation Begins
December 31 ‘Everyone is King’ DPs Conclude