June 7, 2018 – Planning and Growth Management Committee

City staff were directed by Council to look at options for zoning amendments to provide more opportunities for locating municipal shelters across the city.

The Planning and Growth Committee directed staff to hold public consultations on the proposed options to increase the as-of-right zoning permissions for municipal shelters. More details are found in the staff report, which was considered by the Planning Growth and Management Committee in June 2018.

March 20, 2019 – Planning and Housing Committee

Staff prepared a report which was considered by the Planning and Housing Committee at its meeting on March 20, 2019. The report included a summary of the consultation, and recommended zoning by-law amendments. The recommendations in the staff report were adopted with amendments.

March 27-28, 2019 – City Council

City Council adopted zoning by-law amendments for municipal shelters on March 28, 2019. Zoning By-law 545-2019 amends both Zoning By-law 569-2013 and the Municipal Shelter By-law 183-2003 to remove the two locational requirements that currently apply to municipal shelters in both by-laws. The removed requirements were:

  • a municipal shelter to be located a minimum of 250-metres from another shelter,
  • or for a shelter to be located on or within 80 metres of a major street.

For more information view City Council’s item history for zoning revisions for municipal shelters.