The Weston II Heritage Conservation District Study area is a residential neighbourhood with a collection of houses in a variety of architectural styles built from the mid-19th through the early 20th centuries located in the former Town of Weston.

The Weston II Heritage Conservation District Study is currently underway and the final study and staff recommendations will be presented to the Toronto Preservation Board upon completion in Spring 2020.

The Weston II Heritage Conservation District Study was authorized by City Council in June 2004 and prioritized by City Council in January 2018. The study was recommended to provide an overall understanding of the area’s history and heritage character and to determine if designation as a heritage conservation district would be an appropriate heritage planning tool for the area.

The City Planning Division initiated the Weston II Heritage Conservation District Study in Summer 2019. Heritage Planning staff will prepare the study report recommendation for consideration by the Toronto Preservation Board.

The study will build on work previously completed by the local community, and include a comprehensive property inventory, historical research, character analysis, evaluation of the area’s heritage value, and review of the area’s existing planning framework. The study process includes two public meetings, as well as the convening of a community advisory group to provide specific and detailed feedback on research, analysis and recommendations.

Study Area for Weston II HCD. With Church Street in the North, Elm Street in the East, Rosemount and the railway in the southwest

Study Area

The study area is a residential neighbourhood generally bounded by the CNP/CPR Rail Corridor to the west, MacDonald Avenue to the south, Elm Street to the east and Church Street to the north.


Project Schedule

The Weston II HCD Study was initiated by City Planning in June 2019, and is expected to be completed by Spring of 2020. The Study will determine whether to proceed with an HCD Plan. Once complete the HCD Study report and an accompanying staff report will be presented to the Toronto Preservation Board for endorsement, before proceeding to any future HCD Plan.

Staff will be proceeding with the following next steps:
• Gather input from a Community Advisory Group, with meeting summaries to be posted here.
• Open House in fall 2019, with meeting summary to be posted here.

Public meetings and community advisory group meetings are listed below. Material from the meetings, including presentations, display boards and meeting summaries, can be requested from Shelby Blundell, Heritage Planner.

Community Consultation Meeting #1 – Fall 2019

Study information, reports and publications will be listed below as they become available over the course of the Weston II Heritage Conservation District Study.

Council Directions

On May 18, 19 and 20, 2004 City Council authorized the Weston neighbourhood for study as a potential Heritage Conservation District.

On June 24, 2004 City Council approved the Weston Phase 1 HCD Plan, enacted through By-law 798-2006 on September 27, 2006. The corresponding HCD Plan for Weston Phase 1 divided the authorized study areas into 3 phases.
On March 31, April 1 and 2, 2015, City Council adopted the amended Council-approved prioritization system and criteria, as shown in Attachments 1A-6A to the report.

On January 15, 2018 the Planning and Growth Management Committee put forward a motion to review a proposed expansion to the study area to include the area bounded by Elm Street, Springmount Avenue, Macdonald Avenue, Pine Street and Church Street prior to commencing the Weston Phase 2 Heritage Conservation District Study. Staff were further requested to bring forward a study authorization report to revise the study area boundary should the area merit study as a heritage conservation district, no later than the first quarter of 2019.

The City Planning Division reviewed the proposed expanded boundary, and have determined that the study area should not be expanded beyond the area originally prioritized by City Council. Therefore, the HCD Study will be proceeding for the original prioritized Phase II area.

Staff Reports

The Weston II Heritage Conservation District Study staff report will be submitted for review to the Toronto Preservation Board in Spring 2020.

Related Information

The Weston II HCD Study is being completed in accordance with Heritage Conservation Districts in Toronto: Policies, Procedures and Terms of Reference as adopted by City Council.

Section 3.1.5 of the City of Toronto’s Official Plan includes policies that direct the City to identify, protect and conserve heritage conservation districts within the City.

The Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport created the Guide to District Designation under the Ontario Heritage Act to inform the identification, study and implementation of heritage conservation districts in Ontario.

Part V of the Ontario Heritage Act allows municipalities to designate heritage conservation districts.