The City of Toronto has completed the Yonge Street North Transportation Master Plan (TMP), which followed Phases 1 and 2 of the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (EA) under the Ontario Environmental Assessment Act.

The TMP was undertaken alongside the Yonge Street North Planning Study to inform the creation of a new policy framework for the area. The TMP recommends new street networks, pedestrian and cycling infrastructure, and shared mobility facilities like carshare and bikeshare to support future growth of the area. The preferred alternatives were evaluated based on technical analyses and incorporated feedback from the public and agencies over the course of the study. While the TMP addresses needs and justification at a broad level, more detailed studies for projects included in the Master Plan will be done at a later date under future phases of the Municipal Class EA.

To request the TMP appendices, please contact Arthur Lo and Andrew Au.

Final Consultant’s Report and Next Steps on Implementing Official Plan Amendments:

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