Duke is ready to be adopted. Visit him at the North Shelter at 1300 Sheppard Ave W.


Type of dog:

Cane Corso



Male, neutered


2 years


Meet Duke

When Duke arrived at Toronto Animal Services, he was extremely emaciated, which led us to believe he had suffered abuse. But you wouldn’t know about his history from his personality – staff fell in love with him immediately! Duke is always seeking out attention, and loves to walk back and forth, rubbing his body up against your legs so you know to pet him. We ensured Duke received all the veterinary care he required, and he’s working on gaining weight. He came in weighing 22 kg and now currently weighs 33.8 kg, which is a gain of just over 25 pounds of weight! We’re very proud of our handsome boy.

What Duke needs when you adopt him:

Duke has been given the opportunity to work with trainers that will help him with resource guarding, toy chasing as well socialization with other dogs and strangers. He would be best suited to a home with no young children and no other dogs. Duke would benefit from continued obedience training classes (in either a private or group setting) where he can continue to learn positive training methods.

Duke’s Progress:

Duke’s trainers say:

While at the training facility, Duke has been introduced to several dogs. He is great while leashed and working beside another dog. He is focused on his handler. The trainers have started to do controlled greetings with another dog while leashed. Through counter conditioning the trainers will continue to work with Duke that when he approaches and sniffs other dogs, he is to offer a sit immediately. He looks at you for direction and definitely is trainable.

Watch Duke’s journey to a happy boy.