Eclipse is ready to be adopted. Visit her at the East Shelter at 821 Progress Avenue.


Type of dog:

Labrador Retriever/Siberian Husky


Female, neutered


6 years


Meet Eclipse

Eclipse came to the shelter after her owner could not take care of her any longer. Eclipse took some time to get used to the shelter staff as well as the hustle and bustle with all the dogs at the shelter, but is warming up to our staff. Eclipse was sent to trainers to improve her interactions with strangers and improve her leash skills. She would also benefit from learning basic obedience manners, social skills while interacting with other dogs.

What Eclipse needs when you adopt her:

Eclipse needs to be the only animal in the household, and an adult only home. She is fairly high energy and will need an active owner to play fetch with or go jogging daily. She can be vocal when left alone, so apartments and condos would not be the best place for her. Eclipse is a bossy girl around other dogs, so her family would need to exercise caution in dog parks. We recommend that her new family continue to work on her attention and focus in an individual positive reinforcement training program, as group classes can be too distracting for her.

Eclipse’s progress:

From her trainers: “Eclipse has done well with her loose leash walking. She does well with training when she has minimal distraction. She is working on ‘sit/down stay,’ ‘watch me’ and controlled interactions with other dogs.”

From her trainers: “If she gets restless and starts walking around I will call her over and cue ‘settle’ and she will lie down. When you have built a relationship with her, she is very responsive and becomes very attached to you.”