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Type of dog:

Mastiff mix


Male, neutered


4 year

Meet Jake

Jake the dog resting happily on a park benchJake is a four year old neutered male Mastiff mix who has been at the East Region Animal Shelter for over three months, following the loss of his previous owner. Jake is an energetic boy with a strong body and strong will. Here at the shelter, Jake has been a bouncy, engaging and happy boy who is always ready to play and hang out with his people. He has always been an attention seeker with staff, and can be very cuddly and affectionate despite his tough guy appearance.

What Jake needs when you adopt him

Jake is a Second Chance Dog and will require an experienced large breed owner who is willing to continue training with a positive reinforcement trainer. Jake will need to continue to work his leash skills, social skills, and willingness to give up items.

Jake’s progress

Leash skills: Jake lived at a training facility for a few weeks where he worked on his leash skills, which have improved significantly. However, he still sometimes pulls when something catches his eye and will need to work on that.

Social skills: Jake has also been working on his social skills with other dogs. He is learning how to read social cues from dogs and how to interact with both male and female dogs and dogs of all sizes. This is a work in progress and Jake will need continued training, as he sometimes gets excited and needs a “time out” to settle down.

Willingness to exchange items: Jake also has been working on being more comfortable with people touching what he considers high value items, bones in particular. He has been working on exchanging items he sees as “his” for other things that are offered to him. This is another area which Jake’s new owners will have to continue to work with Jake, so that the behaviour fades away and does not get stronger.