Sophie is not yet ready to be adopted. Check back here for updates on her status.


Type of dog:

American Bulldog Mix


Female, neutered


2 years


Meet Sophie

american bulldog mix in grass with tongue out

Sophie came into Toronto Animal Services last month as a stray.  Since her arrival, she has been the picture of a happy dog, and exhibits very exuberant interactions with staff. Sophie loves attention and especially belly rubs.

Staff decided to send Sophie to be trained so she can learn about leash manners and self-control to deter her from grabbing her leash, as she loves to play tug of war. She will also benefit from learning basic obedience manners, social skills while interacting with other dogs, as well as many positive experiences of meeting strangers

What Sophie needs when you adopt her:

Sophie is looking for an experienced family that can continue with her positive reinforcement training and is capable of handling her exuberance and strength.

Sophie’s Progress:

As we receive her progress reports, this page will be updated with her special training needs. Stay tuned – it will be exciting to hear about her progress!