The COVID-19 pandemic has many of us feeling isolated and alone. Consider sending an e-card to someone you love or any resident in one of the City’s 10 long-term care homes.

Customize the card by typing into the text box provided and save your card/message as a Word document or PDF.

Always in my heart

Download the e-card.

Always in my heart (even if we're 6 ft apart) - two people waving at each other

Can’t mask my love

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I can't mask my love for you - emoji with heart eyes wearing a mask

Virtual hugs today

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Five people hugging


You are loved

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You are loved on pink background


Just chicken in on you

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Just chicken in on you ecard front cover pic of a chicken

Just saying jello

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Just saying jello ecard front cover pic of jello2


You are all I need in my bubble

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Two people under an umbrella

We make the best quaran-team

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Two people holding hands with hearts

Thanks for staying home with me

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Two people sitting on a couch

French E-cards

To send a card in a different language, choose from a selection of translated cards or choose a French e-card.

Email the Word document or PDF to the:

  • resident if you know their email address
  • long-term care home if the resident cannot access email independently (be sure to include their name in subject line)
  • long-term care home if you would like to send a message to an unknown resident who would like to receive a card (note resident unknown in subject line). Choose one of the 10 long-term care homes and send it to the general email address for the home. (e.g. Use the email address for the Carefree Lodge.)