City Council endorsed the Housing Opportunities Toronto (HOT) Action Plan 2010-2020 as a road map to steer the work and investment decisions of the City of Toronto as they relate to housing in partnership with federal and provincial governments, as well as the public and private housing sectors  over this decade.


The Toronto Housing Charter is a key component of the HOT Action Plan and is designed to guide Council and staff in their efforts to assist those who often face challenges finding affordable housing, from newcomers and single parents to seniors and those with disabilities.

The City is pleased to provide Annual Progress Reports based on the eight key themes used to organize the 67 recommended actions in the HOT Plan:

The City of Toronto uses federal, provincial and City investments to create and repair affordable rental and ownership homes, in partnership with the private/non-profit sectors, to work toward meeting its housing action plan targets.

The Affordable Housing Office publishes progress reports on the number of new affordable homes approved, completed and repaired: