Residential Apartment Commercial (RAC) zoning allows small-scale non-residential uses, such as food markets, shops, small business, classes, community facilities and other initiatives, on more than 400 apartment buildings sites that were previously residential-only. Toronto City Council adopted the bylaw in 2013 and the Ontario Municipal Board approved the new zone in 2016.

Allowing for a wider range of uses in apartment tower neighbourhoods has a number of benefits, such as:

  • convenient and walkable access to local shops, services and amenities for residents.
  • opportunities to engage in small-scale enterprises for residents and the community.
  • new service offerings to current and potential residents and a new potential revenue stream for property owners.
  • more animated, safer and inviting places for everyone!

The Tower Renewal Program is supporting property owners, community groups, residents and others interested in implementing projects using the new RAC zone. If you have any questions about the zone, partnerships and implementation, email us at