DRAFT – 348 Davenport Road Community Liaison Committee
Terms of Reference


The City of Toronto is developing a shelter at 348 Davenport Road for women and people who identify as transgender or gender non-binary. The shelter is expected to open at the end of 2018.

Purpose of the Community Liaison Committee:

To work with Toronto’s Shelter, Support and Housing Division and other City agencies to promote the success of the shelter for the people who will stay there and for the surrounding community.


The Community Liaison Committee (CLC) will be comprised of representatives from local resident, business and civil society organizations.


The Community Liaison Committee plays an advisory role to the Shelter, Support and Housing Division as it renovates 348 Davenport Road, contracts with a shelter operator, and oversees the shelter opening and operations. All final decisions related to the shelter are the responsibility of the City.

The CLC’s role will include but is not limited to:

  • Offering input on design decisions relevant to the neighbouring community, such as the design of entrances and exits and outdoor smoking areas
  • Providing a vehicle for addressing the concerns and issues raised by local residents
  • Developing a proactive strategy for addressing any community issues that may affect the shelter or its neighbours
  • Promoting the integration of the shelter into the local community
  • Advising on communications to the community

Roles and Responsibilities of Members:

  • To understand, accept and abide by these Terms of Reference
  • Attend meetings and participate with information and suggestions that assist City staff in implementing City Council directions
  • Where required, members will be expected to respect the confidentiality of materials presented and discussed

Operating Principles:

  • Foster respect
  • Seek consensus
  • Promote collaboration


  • An independent Facilitator hired by the City of Toronto shall convene and chair Community Liaison Committee meetings
  • City staff will provide administrative support for the committee
  • Meetings will be held monthly or as decided by group consensus
  • Agenda items may be proposed by any community resident or CLC member
  • Material for each meeting will be distributed in the week before the meeting
  • The minutes of each meeting will be made public
  • The CLC is not a decision-making body. All input will be recorded and used to inform decisions related to the shelter
  • The CLC may choose to organize sub-committees within its structure
  • The CLC’s work will end no later than six months after the shelter opens. Some communities have established an ongoing community-led group with a new mandate to support the shelter and deepen its connection with neighbours and local organizations

Reporting to Council:

The General Manager of Shelter, Support and Housing Administration is required to report to Council at regular intervals. The work of the Community Liaison Committee may be included in these reports.

Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy:

Any personal information provided through the Community Liaison Committee process will form part of the public record, as per the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, and will not be protected from disclosure.