Community Engagement to Support Opening New Municipal Homelessness Shelter at 3306 Kingston Road in Toronto

DRAFT: June 11, 2018

Goals of Community Engagement

  • Build community awareness of the shelter and how to support it
  • Animate people, agencies and businesses to contribute to the shelter’s success
  • Successfully integrate the shelter into the community

Key Areas of Activity for Community Engagement

  1. Community Liaison Committee
  2. Community updates
  3. Opening and welcome celebration
  4. Summary Report on Community Engagement

1. Community Liaison Committee

  • Identify participants and establish Community Liaison Committee
  • Agree on Terms of Reference
  • Establish meeting schedule
  • Determine activities

Proposed activities for the Community Liaison Committee

  • Receive information about the shelter operating model
  • Visit the Birchmount Shelter to meet staff and residents
  • Review plans for the exterior of the shelter building related to safety for residents and the community
  • Discuss opportunities for improvements for the surrounding neighbourhood
  • Receive information/updates about emerging plans for the Eastside motel site
  • Identify local resources or partnerships that would be helpful to shelter residents
  • Develop communication to the wider community about the shelter and the work of the Community Liaison Committee
  • Participate in planning the Opening and Welcome event for the shelter
  • Provide input to evaluation of the Community Engagement Process

2. Community Updates for Stakeholders in the Wider Community

Ensure that key stakeholders are informed of project development progress, program model and engagement process.

  • Identify key stakeholders
  • Identify information needs
  • Identify the most effective ways to communicate information

3. Open House

Community Liaison Committee and shelter staff celebrate opening of the new shelter with the community, funders and other supporters and provide opportunity to visit the building.

  • Official opening: CLC and shelter staff host on-site celebration, inviting neighbours and shelter residents as well as government and sector representatives

4. Community Engagement Summary Report

  • Evaluation of effectiveness of key areas of activity
  • Feedback from CLC members and stakeholders
  • Highlights of any lessons learned, recommendations for ongoing community engagement for the shelter