picture of 92 Peter Street buildingLocation: 92 Peter St.
Shelter residents: Youth 16-24
Number of rooms: Up to 153
Opened: May 2021
Service operators: Native Child and Family Services, Covenant House, YMCA and Eva’s Initiatives

92 Peter Street was leased by the City in December 2021 to provide additional space for physical distancing, as part of the City’s ongoing COVID-19 response. Given ongoing demand for shelter space, the City anticipates use of this location as a temporary shelter site until at least April 2023.

To learn more about the City’s temporary shelter sites, visit: toronto.ca/PhysicalDistancingShelters.

92 Peter Street is an emergency shelter that provides services to youth aged 16-24 of all genders. The main goal of the program is to assist residents with securing permanent, affordable and safe housing with service connections to the community of their choice.  Four service providers at the site are: Native Child and Family Services, Eva’s Initiative, Covenant House and YMCA.

The site is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and provides wrap-around support for residents, including:

  • all meals and laundry
  • access to mental health and physical health supports
  • access to harm reduction supplies and supports to reduce potential harms related to substance use
  • onsite case managers and Housing Help workers
  • recreational and social engagement programming

Community safety is a priority for the City whenever new services open. Ongoing safety planning is a key component of the community engagement process. Native Child and Family Services, Covenant House, YMCA and Eva’s Initiatives’ staff bring management practices that have proven successful and all staff are trained on de-escalation, conflict resolution and crisis prevention, intervention and management.

The site operators work closely with Toronto Police Services and the Shelter, Support and Housing Administration and Corporate Security Divisions of the City of Toronto to develop community safety measures for the location. This includes 24/7 onsite security guards and surveillance cameras installed on all floors accessed by shelter residents.

The City has increased outreach in the area around 92 Peter St through Streets to Homes (S2H) and YMCA. S2H will be providing street outreach and housing related follow up support to assist people who are experiencing homelessness.

The City is also adding a Community Safety Team to conduct patrols in the community and around the property. All Community Safety Team members are trained to respond to immediate non-EMS related matters when made aware by the community. Community Safety Teams will patrol community-identified “hotspots” to engage with people who may be outside and pick up discarded needles and other debris. Community Safety Team will patrol the area between 1 p.m. and 1a.m., 7 days a week. Community members can also email the Community Safety Team at Securedbyus@gmail.com

There is zero tolerance for any violent and/or criminal activity occurring in the shelter or out in the community. As needed, 911 should be called for crimes in progress or the non-emergency police number 416-808-2222 | 416-467-0493 (TTY) to report crimes where no person is in immediate danger (for example, theft, vandalism, fraud). If a shelter resident is found to have acted inappropriately, aggressively, violently, or criminally, they will be accountable for these acts, which may result in their discharge from the shelter.

Previous community engagement around 92 Peter Street has included:

  • project specific web page with updated information about the site
  • flyer on program at 92 Peter Street and key contact information
  • Third party Engagement Facilitator, Jane Farrow hired to support engagement and liaise with community partners

In response to inquiries from members of the public, the City has reengaged with the community. The City has re-hired third party Community Engagement Facilitator Jane Farrow to lead a community engagement process for this site in alignment with the City Council-approved engagement process. The community engagement plan includes:

  • Reviewing and responding to feedback on key issues from the community and local BIA
  • Providing project updates and outreach as required
  • Convening a Community Liaison Committee (CLC)
  • Developing a Who to Call Document to help direct people with inquiries or concerns

If you are interested in joining the CLC or learning more, please email 92peterstreet@gmail.com 

You can also contact the shelter service providers onsite through the Hotel Liaison staff at 647-688-9054.

All media, including bloggers, should contact media@toronto.ca.

92 Peter Street Hotel Program Liaison

  • Call with any questions about hotel shelter activities
  • Call to speak with someone regarding a concern or complaint
  • Telephone: 647-688-9054

Community Engagement

Jane Farrow, Department of Words Deeds Inc.


Community Safety Team

One Community Solutions

  • Call with requests for immediate and urgent support with resolving a complaint
  • Call to report drug paraphernalia in the community
  • Telephone (1 p.m.to 1 a.m.): 647-688-8927
  • Email: Securedbyus@gmail.com

Streets to Homes outreach services

  • Call 311 if you see someone in distress in the community
  • If you are in the community and need referrals to resources or other housing/shelter assistance

Central Intake


Telephone support to individuals seeking access to emergency shelter.

Police Non-Emergency

Report crimes where no person is in immediate danger (i.e. theft, vandalism, fraud). https://www.tps.ca/services/online-reporting/


In an emergency, always call 9-1-1 (fires, crimes in progress, medical emergencies requiring an ambulance).