Item Number Issue Division Response
1. Graffiti on Hydro Pole on Sears Lane Transportation Services (TS) Completed.
2. Park Lights at Maple Leaf Forever Park & sitting area adjacent to the cottage changed to a brighter LED lights for better visibility as overgrowing shrubs & horticulture is decreasing visibility Parks, Forestry & Recreation (PF&R) PF&R started a work order. Estimated completion is end of 2017.
3 Park Signs & Maps:
At the entrance of Maple Leaf Forever Park at 62 Laing St is a wooden structure (welcome gate) that leads into the park. Structure should have middle wooden plank removed along with the existing overgrown shrubs & replaced with low growing shrubs.
PF&R PF&R started a work order. Estimated completion is end of 2017.
4. Trees located on the south west end of the park near the sitting area needs raising of the canopies for better light and sightline visibility. PF&R PF&R started a work order. Estimated completion is end of 2017.
5. Children’s Playground:
Splash Pad Wading Pool/Wading Pool: 2 lights were not operational.
PF&R PF&R started a work order. Estimated completion is end of 2017.
6. Maintenance: Park turf is well maintained but overgrowth of shrubs need to be maintained and or removed with low growing shrub. Park has loose debris in sitting areas that needs to be cleaned. Vandalism: One Park Bench is broken, and drinking fountain has graffiti and needs removal/repairs. PF&R Park Bench fixed. Drinking Fountain graffiti removed. Overgrown shrubs cut back. Litter and debris picked up.
7.  Sears St Lighting: Community is requesting to place LED lights on pre-existing cable pole near the park & sitting area.
Lighting Bollards pointed out in the park as useful for traffic control on Sears Lane. Other traffic control ideas discussed were: speed bumps and stop signs.
Toronto Hydro (TH) & Transportation Services (TS) Sears St Lighting: TS approved lighting fixtures and issued funds, once they are processed, TH will change LED lights within two days after funds received. Lighting Bollards: Some residents strongly oppose the initiative. Consultation with community will need to occur before decision is made.
8. Shrubbery behind the beer store near the concrete retaining wall facing Sears Lane Municipal Licensing &Standards (ML&S) Grass has been cut, waste removed, and fence repaired by owner.
9. Section 37 funds; is there money from the Beer Store development? Councillor McMahon (MM) No submission to planning has been done regarding the Beer Store. Section 37 money is not automatically awarded on newly developing buildings that are under or at the allowed storeys in height. To this date there is a 10-story condo on the Danforth along with 2 additional condos that are 12 storey each in height.
10. Can the laneway on Sears be paved properly TS Transportation Services will look into their 5 year Infrastructure Plan for the area and will investigate feasibility.
11. Laneways are not ploughed TS Toronto has 4200 laneways. They are not a priority for TS. Laneways are not ploughed in any part of Toronto
12 Lights on Sears lane are not very bright Toronto Hydro (TH) TH will explore if lights could be cleaned as they are deemed adequate based on the recent study completed
13. Raccoons: they are an issue for the neighbourhood Animal Services (AS) AS are not represented and it is out of scope for the safety audit
14. Lights out on Memory Lane TH TH to follow up
15. Graffiti on the garages near Leslie/Memory lane TS Completed
16. 2 Laneway Lights out on the un-named laneway parallel and closest to Leslie St TH TH to follow up
17a. Safety Concern: walk through laneway at night while the area is unsupervised. Salvation Army (SA) SA works with Streets to Homes and has community outreach workers in the area. Shelter will have a curfew, shelter will be responsive to concerns of neighbours, recommend to contact Toronto Police Services if feeling unsafe.
17b. Safety Concern: walk through laneway at night while the area is unsupervised. Toronto Police Services (TPS) TPS: neighbourhood Safety is not the sole responsibility of the shelter. Everyone has to do their part: apply universal crime prevention techniques through environmental design. Get together a residents and install a camera into the laneway. Clean up your areas that could be used as encampments. Speak to the shelter staff if you have concerns. Shelter should have a community Liaison person available to do outreach.
18. Property that collapsed facing Leslie St Toronto Building & Councillor Councillor McMahon will follow up and find out what is the latest update
19. Shelter on 29 Leslie: can we not get rid of the parking spots and build more outdoor space for the residents SA Parking is a municipal M&LS requirement and SA is deliberate in meeting both the outdoor space requirements for the residents as well as the parking requirements
20. Request by SA on behalf of a resident to hold a moment of silence for Christine Archibald, one of the victims of the London, UK stabbings. Her family requested that any homeless support initiatives happening currently remember her great work in the homelessness sector All Moment of Silence Completed with respect.
21. Brick Court residents upset and angry about the new permitted parking that is being implemented on their court as mandatory while none of the residents had any interest Councillor McMahon/Councillor Fletcher(PF) Both councillors stated permits are an equity issue and are in all Toronto neighbourhood. The permit issue is not in Scope for the safety audit
22. Graffiti on memory lane TS Graffiti removed.
23. Condition of fence behind scrap yard at 854 Eastern Ave ML&S Order issued to property owner. No compliance as of today. ML&S will follow up.
24. Private property near the maple leaf park has some unsafe poplars that need to be cut down ML&S May 26, 2017 an inspection/ violation order has been issued by PF&R Richard Burton, #17-0077 regarding the Dangerous Private Tree Inspection. ML&S will follow up
25. Broken glass, debris, shrubbery on Sears Lane TS Completed
26. Graffiti on back of building at 75 Leslie Street ML&S/TS Graffiti removed.
27. Vacant lot between 1247 and 1253 Queen Street East, not properly fenced off, overgrown weeds and scattered debris ML&S Grass has been cut, waste removed and fence repaired by owner
28. Graffiti at rear of car wash at 828 Eastern Avenue, off Sears St ML&S/TS Graffiti removed.
29. Unsafe Condition of fence at 46R Laing Street ML&S Officer has visited the location and found the fence has been straightened