Residents: Marla Powers, Heather Rollwagen, Rebecca Morfee, Hollie Pollard, Miriam Hawkins, Siobhan Kelly, Alicia Freeborn, Gabrielle Gillespie, Jonathan Berges, Adam Cygler, Stephanie Wilson, Deane O’Leary, Virginia Presseault, Samantha Martin

Agencies: Morris Beckford (Access Alliance Multicultural Health & Community Services), Noel Simpson (Regeneration Community Services), Babur Mawladin (Jane Alliance Neighbourhood Services), Kasia Filaber (Four Villages Community Health Centre); Toronto Police Division #11

Councillors: Councillor Nunziata; Jennifer Cicchelli, Councillor Doucette, Gregory Denton

Staff: Costanza Allevato (Social Development, Finance and Administration (SDFA) and Meeting Chair), Melody Brown (SDFA), Carlos Vazquez (SDFA and Minute Taker), Tracy Campbell (Shelter Support and Housing Administration (SSHA)), Ubah Tahalil (SSHA)

Regrets David Fitzpatrick (Resident), Sandra Almeida (Four Villages Community Health Centre)

Item/Discussion Action
1. Welcome and Introductions

  • Costanza Allevato, as Chair, welcomed everyone and Committee members introduced themselves. Councillor Nunziata and Councillor Doucette provided welcoming remarks and thanked everyone for their expression of interest in working on the CLC.
  • Costanza reviewed purpose of the Committee:

1. recommend an appropriate number of beds for the shelter and shelter model

2. develop a neighbourhood wellbeing plan that identifies programs and services needed to support a healthy neighbourhood

3. develop a community safety plan to address issues of community safety and security

  • Meeting operating guidelines were reviewed by the Costanza.














Terms of Reference


  • Terms of Reference were reviewed and discussed.
  • It was suggested that representatives from people who use shelters be invited to sit on the CLC.
  • It was suggested that CLC invite members of other committees that have established a shelter in their neighbourhood to attend a CLC meeting to learn from their experiences.
  • The term of the CLC is ongoing.  It will meet regularly until the shelter opens in late fall 2017 and the Community Safety Plan and Rockcliffe-Smythe/Junction Action Plan are developed. It will be up to the CLC to determine how frequently it meets during the implementation phase.


There was consensus on the TOR

SSHA staff to actively seek current/past shelter users to participate in the CLC.   Target to have representatives by the 2nd or 3rd meeting.


SSHA staff to connect with members of past/current CLC’s to see if they are interested in coming to a meeting of the 731 Runnymede CLC.

 3. Council Motions

  • The Motions adopted by Council regarding the shelter at 731 Runnymede Road were reviewed and discussed.  The motions will form the work plan of the CLC. The priority for the next few weeks is to make recommendations on the number of beds for the shelter and on the programs, services and activities that should be included in the shelter model. These recommendations will go to the September 20th Community Development and Recreation Committee and to October Council meeting.
  • RFQ for a third party facilitator will close later in the week and some members of the CLC asked for the link.
  • Work Groups with resident participation will be established to help the CLC fulfill its mandate.  Work Groups include Community Safety Plan and Rockcliffe-Smythe/Junction Action Plan. Work Groups should complement work already being done in neighbourhood.


Staff to confirm RFQ closing date and distribute link to CLC



CLC will provide input on outreach to establish work groups

 4. Review of Shelter Standards

  • Tracy Campbell provided a presentation on shelter standards, that were developed through consultation with people who use shelters, shelter providers and various other service providers who work in the human services sector.
  • Ubah Tahalil presented on Intake and Case Management protocols for the men who access shelters. Every person who uses the shelter will be assigned a case manager and an individual service plan will be developed to assist with housing, employment and other service needs.
    • The CLC asked for additional data to help them make recommendations on the shelter. Heather offered to provide research on crime data. Morris of Access Alliance offered to provide the Health Assessment study for the Rockcliffe-Smythe neighbourhood.
    • It was suggested that data be provided for both Rockcliffe-Smythe and Junction as the neighbourhoods have distinct demographics and opportunities.
    • Tracy explained supports for mental health and addiction are provided either in the shelter, through partnerships with service providers, or in the community. Noel stated that his agency, Regeneration Community Services that provides mental health and addiction services, serves the area.


CLC members to submit their requests for data to staff.


SSHA staff will get back to the group to advise if the specific data they have requested is available, and if so, the timelines for acquiring it.


SSHA staff to distribute needs assessment and summary notes from consultation with shelter clients


Melody to connect with Urban Arts regarding their environmental scan of the area.

Staff to engage the Community Benefits Network

 5. Next Steps

  • Website and email address will be set up so residents can receive updates on work of CLC
  • CLC agreed to hold next meeting at the Fort York Residence, a men’s shelter
  • Date of Next Meeting:  August 17, 2016 from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm
Costanza will send out email with directions to Fort York Residence
6. Meeting Adjourned – 9:00 p.m.