What is “Affordable Housing”?

To support the increase in supply of affordable housing in the City of Toronto (the City) enacted By-law No. 1756-2019 to enact a new Municipal Housing Facility By-law, which defines “Affordable Housing” for the purpose of the bylaw as follows:

  • For rental housing, affordable housing includes housing in which monthly occupancy costs are equal to or below the average city-wide market rents.

Under the terms of a municipal housing project facility agreement (the “Contribution Agreement”) housing providers receive financial contributions from the City including, capital funding and fees relief, that improve the financial viability of the affordable rental housing units.

The key aim of the City’s affordable housing programs is to ensure that affordable units are allocated for the benefit of lower-income households. The Affordable Rental Housing Eligibility and Income Verification Guide 2020 assists housing providers to document and determine a household’s eligibility for affordable housing including verifying income.