After earning a degree in health sciences from an Ontario university, Dylan* hoped to establish a career in a related field. Unable to find employment, he tried to make ends meet as a tutor specializing in math and science. But he couldn’t get by and applied for assistance from Ontario Works.

Dylan remained hopeful that he would find full-time employment in the health services sector. He wanted to stay connected to this field and continued to volunteer at a Toronto hospital. He also volunteered at a not-for-profit organization that delivers science and math learning programs for youth.

His caseworker at Toronto Employment and Social Services (TESS) suggested that he apply for the Primary Care Paramedic Training Program to advance his career goals, and he took up the opportunity. Offered by Toronto Paramedic Services in partnership with TESS, the 16-month program prepares participants for work as paramedics, and is available to qualified recipients of Ontario Works assistance.

Dylan was accepted in the program, completed the training, and passed the provincial certification exam. After graduating from the program, he applied for a full-time position with Toronto Paramedic Services—and was hired! He achieved his goal and is now working in the health services field.

* Name changed to protect privacy.