Stephanie Cera Amenta, Director, Campus Talent Acquisition at CIBC, joined the Partnership to Advance Youth Employment Board of Directors in 2015 and has since become one of PAYE’s most energetic and effective champions. She has enhanced CIBC’s participation in employer round table discussions on the issue of youth unemployment, recruitment events, learning forums and networking events for youth. She is a recipient of the PAYE Leadership Award for Influence.

I’ve witnessed the barriers youth face in finding jobs. They don’t have access to services nor do they have the connections required to learn about job opportunities. PAYE helps to remove these barriers. They connect youth to employer partners. As employers, we need to invest in youth as they represent our future talent.

Stephanie Cera Amenta, Director, Campus Talent Acquisition at CIBC

Through Stephanie’s leadership, CIBC was the top hiring financial services partner at PAYE in 2015, with 24 new hires.

In addition to her commitment and contributions to youth employment initiatives with the City of Toronto, Stephanie is also actively involved in many of the City’s other workforce development events throughout the year. She has been a guest speaker at events aimed at older, experienced job seekers to talk about the value they bring to the workplace. She also participates in the City’s annual Aboriginal employment event where Aboriginal job seekers can connect with hiring employers.

It is very rewarding to support youth on their journey to employment. I have the privilege of connecting skilled and talented youth to jobs at CIBC. It’s a win-win scenario. They are ready to make a valuable contribution and CIBC has meaningful jobs where they can thrive and make an impact. I’m looking forward to enhancing CIBC’s focus on providing job opportunities to experienced and Indigenous job seekers because we want our workforce to reflect the communities we serve. I’m committed to continuing to make a difference in the lives of those seeking employment.

Stephanie Cera Amenta, Director, Campus Talent Acquisition at CIBC