Asha* is a young, internationally-educated newcomer with a range of technical skills and applied knowledge. But she was unable to find employment in her field. Asha felt that her lack of “Canadian experience” and unfamiliarity with how the hiring process works were hindering her job search.

Asha expressed these concerns to staff at a local Employment Ontario agency, and they referred her to the Partnership to Advance Youth Employment (PAYE) program. PAYE is a joint initiative of the City of Toronto, private sector employers, and a network of community agencies that helps youth 18-29 find and maintain employment. The program provides young people with one-on-one support, referrals to training and education, and networking and mentoring opportunities.

Asha started to meet with a PAYE caseworker at one of the City of Toronto’s Employment Centres. Over a period of visits, she learned how to customize her resume and cover letter, and got help practicing mock interviews. In less than three months, Asha was able to secure a full-time, permanent position where she is putting her skills to use as a Quality Assurance Lab Technician.

* Name changed to protect privacy.