Jason* struggled with addiction but was determined to get his life back on track. He was in his early 30s and resolved to tackle the issues that were preventing him from living his best life.

Jason entered a residential treatment program that provides abstinence-based addiction treatment services. Living there allowed him to focus on his recovery goals.

He began attending an Employment Ontario program that offers career information and job placement assistance to persons with barriers to employment. The program was a good fit for Jason. The agency that delivered the training was originally set up to help people in recovery find support in the 12-step community.

While attending the job preparation program—where he honed his resume writing and interview skills—Jason decided that he did not want to return to his previous employment field, doing construction and auto work. Instead, he hoped to find work in the not-for-profit sector.

Jason was encouraged to apply for one of the job opportunities provided through Investing in Neighbourhoods (IIN). The IIN program offers paid employment at not-for-profit organizations for Toronto residents on Ontario Works.

Jason’s job preparation training paid off. He was successful in getting an IIN position with a social enterprise that connects innovators and entrepreneurs and fosters the growth of organizations with a social mission.

When his IIN placement ended, the not-for-profit enterprise offered him a full-time contract position.

Thanks to his determination, and the supports he received, Jason was able to change his life for the better and find meaningful employment.

*Name changed to protect privacy.