Like many young people, Mitch had a passion for technology. Even after he turned to Ontario Works for assistance, Mitch continued to believe he could establish a sustainable career in the tech field. He just needed the right training and employer connections to help him on his path.

Mitch’s caseworker at Toronto Employment and Social Services (TESS) recommended that he apply to participate in a tech career advancement program with NPower Canada. The program provides participants with digital and professional skills training, paid placements with tech sector employers, and post-hire support. It’s one of many job training and career pathway programs that are available to TESS clients.

Mitch excelled in the program and was offered a paid internship with a Toronto-based company that develops software solutions for banks and financial institutions. NPower Canada then helped him secure full-time employment with a video game development company.

A believer in the principle of “paying it forward,” Mitch has since launched his own not-for-profit while continuing to work at the video game company. The goal of his new initiative, Code The North, is to help Indigenous youth develop coding skills and other related competencies to prepare them for success in the technology industry. He says it’s a way for him to give back to his and other Indigenous communities across Canada.