The Portable Housing Benefit for Special Priority Program Housing Category (PHB-SPP) is a financial benefit payable to the applicant to help pay rent. Applicants will continue to receive the benefit even if they move, as long as the address is within Ontario.

The benefit amount will be calculated based on average monthly rent and household income. (See Financial Information for details.) The program will be administered by the Province of Ontario.

Approximately 3,000 applicants will receive the benefit across Ontario. They are being allocated on a first-come, first-served basis to eligible applicants.

  • Eligible applicants are required to submit an application to Access to Housing (Housing Connections) if they are interested in applying for the benefit.
  • For information regarding the program, contact 416-338-8888 or email

Once Access to Housing (Housing Connections) has approved your application it will be submitted to the province.

The province determines eligibility and the amount of the benefit.

  • After 60 days, you will be removed from the waiting list for subsidized housing.
  • You must file an income tax return by April 30 each year.
  • You must submit your annual review form within 30 days of the deadline.
  • If you don’t, after 120 days you will lose eligibility for the program.

Contact Service Ontario within 30 days if:

  • there are any changes in personal information.
  • a household experiences a loss of 20 per cent or more of their monthly income. This can only be done once a year.

Provincial criteria determine the maximum household income someone can have in order to receive the portable housing benefit as well as the maximum and minimum benefit payments.

Housing Income Limits

Number of Household Members Income Limit
1 Household Occupant $37,000
2 Household Occupants $43,000
3 to 4 Household Occupants $50,000
5 to 6 Household Occupants $59,000
7+ Household Occupants $70,000

Maximum and minimum monthly benefit payments

  • The maximum monthly PHB-SPP benefit is 80 per cent of the Average Market Rent less $85 for non-social assistance recipients.