The 2018 cycle of Community Projects and Events funding has ended. Guidelines and application templates for the 2019 intake will be announced in late summer.

List of 2018 Funded Groups

The 2018 Community Projects & Events Allocations Report to City Council provides an overview of the 2018 grant program, short descriptions of the funded applications, and the list of declined applications.

Here is the list of groups that were recommended for appeals: approved for appeals funding

For your reference, 2018 priorities and guidelines are provided below.

To increase transparency and accountability, staff instituted review panels comprised of City grants staff, external funders, community group representatives, and residents.

  • Funding Review Panel: funding recommendations were made by a Review Panel composed of five (5) members, including external funders and successful grant recipients from the 2017 funding cycle.
    • The 2017 Projects & Events Review Panel Members were: Erika Hennebury, Toronto Arts Council; Sarah Pendleton, Toronto Foundation; Tyler Demers, Toronto Foundation; Tanya Huq Shahriar, Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada; Peggy Hornell, Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada; Chelsea Morka, Tides Canada; and, Amreen Kadwa, Hijabi Ballers.


  • Appeals Review Panel: shortlisted applications that were recommended for appeals were assessed and recommended for funding by the Appeals Review Panel.
    • The Appeals Panel was composed of three (3) community residents who are sitting members of City resident advisory committees: Alison Canning, TSNS 2020 Resident Advisory Committee; Hamdi Jimale, Toronto Youth Cabinet; Charis Newton, Toronto Seniors Forum.

We provide one-time funding for short-term projects to develop products, tools and resources that are grounded in the experience of residents, encourage the sharing of community knowledge, and/or increase the impact of the community services sector.

  • Activities that were funded through the previous grant programs may be eligible under this new grant stream. Former grants: Access, Equity and Human Rights – AEHR; Community Safety Investment – CSI.
  • Applicants are encouraged to request the amount of money they need to complete their project. There are no minimums or maximums set for this granting stream.

We provide one-time funding for community activities and events that support Torontonians to connect, learn and act to improve their wellbeing, neighbourhoods, and communities.

  • One-time funding of $5,000 – $10,000 .
  • Activities that were funded through the previous grant programs may be eligible under this new grant stream. Former grants: Community Festivals and Community Recreation.
  • Grassroots groups and organizations with annual operating budgets of less than $500,000 will be prioritized for funding.
  1. For funded groups that are looking to partner with a trustee or administrative partner/mentor, here is the Working with a Trustee Guide that outlines the elements of a trustee agreement between your group and your partner organization.
  2. To support your organization’s navigation between political vs partisan political activities during the election periods (and outside of them), we’ve put together a guide for you on Guide to Political Activities for City-Funded Groups.
  3. We also want to share a comprehensive Election Toolkit that the Ontario Nonprofit Network (ONN) produced for groups that would like to learn more.
  4. For additional hints on putting together a strong proposal, you can review the 2018 Grant Writing Workshop presentation provided to the 2017 applicants.

Events Organizing Guides

Access and Equity Event Checklist

 Event Planning 101 Slides

 Event Planning 101 Handout

 Event Planning 101 Checklist

 Event Planning 101 Toolkit

We’re Here to Help!

City staff are available to provide feedback on your application idea and proposal. We are available via phone at 416-392-0102 or email at