Thank you for your interest in the Neighbourhood Grants program. The application deadline was May 4, 2018 at 3 p.m. Please visit the Key Dates and Deadlines tab for the grant timeline. Please also see the Date and Locations of the Recommendation Sessions for the eligible groups.


Small grants of $1,000 – $3,000 grants are now available to residents of the 31 Neighbourhood Improvement Areas and 8 Emerging Neighbourhoods for activities/events to advance the key themes of the Toronto Strong Neighbourhood Strategy (TSNS 2020). A maximum of $5,000 will be available in each of the 39 neighbourhoods in 2018.

The Neighbourhood Grants program’s goal is to support local actions identified by residents and community partners involved in TSNS 2020. It will fund resident-led activities that support the 5 theme areas of the TSNS 2020:

  • Economic Opportunities: For example, jobs skills workshop, certification workshop, employment forum and more
  • Healthy Lives: For example, nutrition workshop, wellness day, gardening event and more
  • Participation in Decision Making: For Example, community speak out event, leadership training, civic action forum and more
  • Social Development: For example, Educational workshop/forum, back to school event, neighbourhood festival and more
  • Physical Surroundings: For example, community beautification event, neighbourhood walking tour, community art event and more

For current Neighbourhood Grant recipients, please visit Social Planning Toronto’s Neighbourhood Grants’ website.

Please note that this grant is for resident-led groups only. Registered non-profit organizations should not apply.

Your Resident-led Group:

  • Is made up of members who live in one of the 39 Neighbourhood Improvement Areas (NIA) or Emerging Neighbourhoods (EN). Find your neighbourhood!
  • Has at least five or more residents who make up the group
  • Is not a business, registered not-for-profit, or a social enterprise
  • Does not have part-time or full-time City of Toronto employees as group members

Your Activity or Event:

  • Is open and free for residents of the neighbourhood
  • Takes place in one of the 39 neighbourhoods
  • Is held in a public space
  • Is a one-time event or completed within 1 month period
  • Take place between July 15 – December 31, 2018
  • Is discussed with the local Neighbourhood Planning Table where your event will be held and before applying
  • Supports TSNS 2020 neighbourhood actions
  • Begins after July 15, 2018 and ends by December 31, 2018

Decision Making Process

Neighbourhood Grants will be recommended for funding by residents and community agencies from the local neighbourhood at your local Neighbourhood Planning Table meeting or by a Neighbourhood Grants Resident Selection Panel.

Reviewers of the Neighbourhood Grant applications will be looking for the following things:

  • Will the target group be interested in the activity/event?
  • Does the activity/event bring together a diverse group of people from the neighbourhood?
  • Does the activity/event support one of the five Toronto Strong Neighbourhood Strategy 2020 Theme Areas:
    • Economic Opportunities
    • Healthy Lives
    • Participation in Decision Making
    • Social Development
    • Physical Surroundings?
  • Do they have a good plan for the activity/event? Will the group be able to carry out the activity/event?
  • Is the budget clear? Does it make sense for the activity/event?

Final approval of who gets funding will be made by the Executive Director, Social Development Finance and Administration, City of Toronto.

Step 1: Discuss Your Idea with Your Neighbourhood Planning Table in March/April

It is highly encouraged for you and or your group members go to a Neighbourhood Grants Planning Sessions in March or April. Please see the Planning Session Tab for more information:

  • Residents, community agency and local business representatives will be in attendance to hear about your idea and suggest partners, location for your event, or even mentors.
  • They will be the group that will recommend which events should get funding.

Neighbourhood Grants Planning Session takes place in your neighbourhood, where:

  • You will have 5-10 minutes to introduce your group, share the event/activity that you are planning, and why you want to do it
  • Learn about the TSNS Actions that your event/activity can support
  • Meet members of the Neighbourhood Planning Table and your potential community mentor who can advise and provide guidance for your project.

If you missed your Neighbourhood Grants Planning Session meeting, please contact your local Community Development Officer (CDO) to connect you with the local Neighbourhood Table and its members.

Step 2: Plan Your Activity

  • Your idea: Bring your group together and find a mentor to plan and organize your event/activity. See the Application Questions to help you plan.
  • Your budget: Put together a budget for $1,000 to $3,000. We have a list of eligible and ineligible expenses for your guidance.
  • Your timeline and location: Remember to include City permits and insurance in your request funding. Your group will need to apply for permits and they can take 4-8 weeks to confirm.

Step 3: Fill out the Online Application

  • The online application will be available on April 3, 2018.
  • Submit your completed online application by May 4, 2018.

Contact your Community Development Officer (CDO) if you have more questions.

Timeline Activities
February 15 Launch for 2018 Neighbourhood Grants
March – April Resident-led groups attend Neighbourhood Grants Planning Sessions to discuss their event and find partners
April 3 Online Application opens!
May 4 Neighbourhood Grant online application deadline
May 14 – June 15 Review applications at Neighbourhood Planning Tables and/or by Neighbourhood Grants Resident Selection Panel
June 29 Applicants are contacted about their funding status
July Orientation sessions for successful applicants by Coordinating Partner, Social Planning Toronto


Neighbourhood Grants are projects beginning after July 15, 2018 and ending by December 31, 2018.

Neighbourhood Grants Planning Sessions Time and Date

Discuss Your Idea with Your Neighbourhood Planning Table
What you need to do at the  Neighbourhood Grant Planning Session

At the Neighbourhood Planning Table, you  or members of your group will need to:

  • Introduce your group
  • Share the event/activity that you are planning
  • Share why you want to do the event/activity, and
  • Share your budget (how much in total you need, and how you will use the money).
Benefits of Going to the Neighbourhood Planning Table:
  • Learn about the TSNS Actions that your event/activity can support.
  • Meet members who are local residents and community agency staff.
  • Find partners who can support your event, who can link you to others.
  • Find your potential community mentor who can advise and provide guidance for your project.

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