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The Toronto Seniors’ Forum Members Identified Five Priority Areas to Address

These priorities were further refined after a wider community consultation process.

In the area of housing and accommodation and long-term care, Toronto City Council should:

  • Increase affordable housing for seniors with targets to reduce waiting times
  • Increase efforts to modify, restore and repair existing properties
  • Increase the available stock of barrier-free housing
  • Increase the number of long-term care homes
  • Ensure that long-term care services are provided in a culturally sensitive manner.

In the area of financial resources and service access, Toronto City Council should:

  • Adequately fund translation services according to demographics (i.e., largest language groups)
  • Lower the cost of the seniors’ TTC pass
  • Increase the availability of transportation for non-medical appointments
  • Provide recreation programming without fees
  • Reduce the fees for seniors’ groups providing programming in recreation centres.

In the area of health, environment and culturally sensitive services, Toronto City Council should:

  • Provide a full range of dental care for low-income seniors
  • Review and raise the current financial cut-offs for access to subsidized dental care.

In the area of safety, security and legal protection, Toronto City Council should:

  • Increase the Toronto Police Service program to educate seniors about telephone and other types of fraud
  • Increase community programs that encourage communities and neighbours to watch out for seniors
  • Increase the oversized street sign program.

In the area of senior participation and leadership/advocacy, Toronto City Council should:

  • Increase opportunities for seniors to take part and advocate, through initiatives like the Toronto Seniors’ Forum
  • Increase leadership/advocacy training opportunities for seniors
  • Provide honorariums
  • Encourage seniors to volunteer in their communities.