Who Are We?

The Toronto Seniors’ Forum (TSF) is a city-sponsored and supported group of seniors (60 and over) who are Toronto residents.

The Forum meets monthly to examine, discuss and advise on seniors issues. The Toronto Seniors’ Forum was established in 2004 “to facilitate civic engagement of seniors in Toronto” and “to ensure that Toronto meets its commitment to providing equitable services to all seniors living in or visiting Toronto.”

The Toronto Seniors’ Forum provides an opportunity for senior residents to have input into the City of Toronto’s operations and policies.

Who Sits on the Toronto Seniors’ Forum?

The Toronto Seniors’ Forum can have up to 26 members. The Forum tries to choose members who can embody the “voice” of seniors. Strong efforts are made to ensure that the voices of seniors who are marginalized (due to language, culture, poverty, or other diversity issues) are included.

Members are chosen to represent communities with common social identities. Toronto Seniors’ Forum is composed of:

  • 2 members representing Aboriginal/ First Nations communities, 2 members of African (Black) heritage, 2 members of Asian heritage, 2 members of Latin American/Hispanic heritage, 2 members who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or two-spirited, 2 members who are South Asian, 2 members with disabilities
  • 12 additional members. (Three seniors from each of the four City districts – North, East, South and West.)

What Does the Toronto Seniors’ Forum Do?

Mission Statement: The Toronto Seniors’ Forum facilitates the civic engagement of senior residents in Toronto, works to ensure that municipal services are provided equitably to all seniors in Toronto, and advocates on behalf of senior residents.

The Toronto Seniors’ Forum focuses on services, issues and concerns related to, or impacting, seniors who live in Toronto.

The Forum attempts to advise, educate, advocate and assist the City of Toronto on matters affecting seniors. In order to do so, members of the Toronto Seniors’ Forum seek out the opinions and thoughts of senior residents across Toronto through consultations, educational programs, and advocacy activities. Forum members must then convey their findings to Council and city staff through reports, presentations, and meetings with Council members.

What Are the Priorities for Seniors in Toronto?

The Toronto Seniors’ Forum held consultations with seniors in most communities across Toronto. These consultations yielded a number of common priorities for seniors across the city. Priorities for seniors appear to be:

  • Transportation and mobility
  • Financial issues: seniors’ resources, service costs, program fees, and fiscal ability to access services.
  • Civic engagement: the need for leadership and advocacy around seniors’ issues.
  • Housing and accommodation.
  • Health, community and social services.
  • Culturally sensitive services.
  • Safety, security and legal protection.

What Services Does the City of Toronto Provide to Seniors?

The City of Toronto delivers more than 40 services to seniors. These services are divided into “hard” and “soft” services.

Some hard services include:

  • City Planning
  • Fire Services
  • Municipal Licensing & Standards
  • Solid Waste Management
  • Transportation Services
  • Water

Some soft services include:

  • Homes for the Aged
  • Parks, Forestry & Recreation
  • Shelter, Support & Housing Administration
  • Social Services
  • Emergency Medical Services
  • Public Health

For more information about all city services contact: 311 (in any Language) or 211