Tower Renewal leads and supports initiatives that encourage community engagement, support local capacity building, spur community investment and help to foster more resilient, thriving apartment communities. From social learning opportunities supporting employment skills to community gardens, reinvestment and leadership opportunities through local networks, these initiatives drive change and improvement in local communities.

One current initiative is Recipe for Community led by the City of Toronto and the Toronto Foundation.

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Recipe for Community

Recipe for Community is a Toronto Foundation and City of Toronto led initiative to engage neighbourhood residents young and old to improve the sense of belonging and safety in their communities. It’s one way we’re improving our city from the ground up, one neighbourhood at a time. The initiative brings together donors, sponsors and residents to invest in four key community “ingredients”: food, convening, youth engagement, and neighbourhood beautification.

Sites Include

  • Alexandra Park
  • St. James Town
  • Weston Mount Dennis
  • Scarborough Village
  • Rexdale
  • Black Creek