Starting the week of October 16 until late December, the intersection of Dufferin Street and Springhurst Avenue will be fully closed during TTC streetcar track replacement.  See the News and Updates tab for more details.

The City of Toronto and Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) are replacing aging streetcar tracks on Springhurst Avenue from Dufferin Street to Fort Rouille Street, including the Dufferin Street loop.

This project also includes replacement of the watermain and City-owned portion of substandard water services on Fort Rouille Street and on Springhurst Avenue from west of Dufferin Street to Fort Rouille Street.

This project will be coordinated with the emergency repairs of the Dufferin Street Bridge.

This work is required to bring the aging infrastructure to a state of good repair and is part of the Council-approved 2023 Capital Works Program.

October 2023

The City of Toronto will begin work to replace the TTC streetcar tracks, which will require a full intersection closure at Dufferin Street and Springhurst Avenue.

The full intersection closure is scheduled for mid-October to late-December

Map of work area illustrating location of full closures at springhurst avenue and tyndall avenue and at the intersection of dufferin street and springhurst avenue. if you require more information please contact Nathalie Forde at or 416-392-3556
Map of full intersection closure

During the full intersection closure:

  • Dufferin Street at Springhurst Avenue and Tyndall Avenue will be fully closed to vehicles.
  • Springhurst Avenue will be fully closed to vehicles at Fort Rouille Street with no access to Dufferin Street.
  • Vehicle access will be maintained along Tyndall Avenue and King Street East to move east and west.
  • Sidewalk access to be maintained at all times.
  • Emergency vehicle access will be maintained at all times.

See the Construction Update #1 for more details.

August 2023

July 2023

The construction area, illustrated below is the loop on Dufferin Street to Springhurst Avenue and Fort Rouille Street.

Construction Map illustrating location where construction work will be taking place on Dufferin Street from the Dufferin Loop moving north then on Springhurst Avenue then south on Fort Rouille Street. Please contact Nathalie Forde at 416-392-3556 if you require further assistance.

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Timing and Schedule

This project is expected to take place from September 2023 to December 2023.

Phase 1 will take place between early September and mid-October. Work will include replacement of the aging watermain that runs south on Springhurst Avenue from Dufferin Street to the south end of Fort Rouille Street.

Phase 2 will take place between mid-October and late-December.  Work will include replacement of TTC streetcar track within 150 meters of the Dufferin Street intersection and on Springhurst Avenue to the end of Fort Rouille Street, including the Dufferin Loop.

Work Hours

Work on this project will take place 24 hours, seven days a week.  Excavation activities and heavy breaking will be carried out at various times throughout the day.  All concrete breaking activities will occur between 7 a.m. and 11 p.m.  Concrete breaking work is the most disruptive and will typically last the first one to two days during Phase 2.  Around-the-clock work during rail installation by TTC is required to preserve the integrity and quality of new rail and concrete.  Overnight rail work by TTC may consist of moving new rail into position, rail installation and rail welding/grinding.


Parking in the active work zone is not permitted as space is needed for construction equipment and materials.  If your parked vehicle affects construction work, it will be relocated with no charge to the owner.  If your vehicle is moved, please contact parking control for its location at 416-808-2222.

There will be no parking on Springhurst Avenue and Fort Rouille Street during construction.  Affected properties will get additional parking information as work progresses.


The contractor is responsible to minimize construction related noise.  Higher levels of noise can be anticipated during concrete breaking.  It typically lasts the first one or two days for each section of the roadway.


The contractor is responsible for minimizing dust in the work zone.

Accessibility Accommodation

The City’s contractor must ensure safe and accessible walkways and entryways are maintained for everyone during construction.  Any temporary access disruptions will be communicated as soon as possible.  If you experience a disruption, have a specific access need or related accommodation request, contact the person listed on this webpage.

TTC Service Impacts

During both Phases of construction:

  • 504B King Streetcar will no longer serve Dufferin Street south of King Street West but instead, be temporarily extended to terminate at Roncesvalles via King Street West
Phase 2 (October 7, 2023 until end of December, 2023)
  • The 29 Dufferin bus and 329 Dufferin Night bus will bypass the Dufferin Gate Loop and instead loop back at Princes’ Gate via Liberty Street, East Liberty Street, and Strachan Avenue
  • The 929 Dufferin Express busses will bypass the Dufferin Gate Loop and instead loop back at Exhibition Loop via Liberty Street, East Liberty Street, Strachan Avenue, and Manitoba Avenue.

Visit: for accurate schedule information

Stay Informed

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