We’re Almost Complete!

The City of Toronto’s work to reconstruct the Six Points Interchange is almost complete. This work has included:

  • realignment of Dundas Street West, extension of Bloor Street West and regrading of Kipling Avenue
  • new traffic signals installed at major intersections
  • wide sidewalks with trees and plantings
  • construction of three (3) new streets: Adobigok Pathway, Biindagen Trail and Jerry Horwath Drive
  • new cycling facilities including:
    • physically separated and painted bike lanes:
      • along Bloor Street West from Beamish Drive to Resurrection Road
      • along Dundas Street West from the Dundas-Kipling Ramp to Aukland Road
      • on Kipling Avenue between Bloor Street West and Viking Lane
    • two-stage cycling left-turn boxes installed at the Dundas/Kipling, Dundas/Bloor and Bloor/Kipling intersections

Minor Work

Some minor work will be taking place in Spring 2021 to complete the project, including:

  • installation of outstanding bike lane begins and ends signs
  • painting outstanding bike lane symbols on bike lanes
  • repairs of non-functioning street lights
  • completion of Hydro connections to Street and Pedestrian lighting
  • planting of additional trees and plants along sidewalks during ideal growing seasons
  • minor maintenance and restoration

More information will be shared once we’ve completed all our work.

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