TTC Track and Watermain Replacement & BIA Streetscape Improvements

The City is planning to start construction work in late June (until December 2021). Once a start date is confirmed it will be listed here. Please note that in preparation for this project, TTC crews have started preliminary rail storage / welding work at two location on Queen Street West. For more information refer to this Construction Notice

The City of Toronto and Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) have coordinated a number of infrastructure upgrades on Queen Street West, which include:

  • replacement of streetcar track from Bay Street to Fennings Street
  • replacement of streetcar track at the intersection of Queen Street West and Shaw Street
  • replacement of watermain and City-owned portion of substandard water services from Bay Street to University Avenue
  • improvements to the streetscape along Queen Street West, in partnership with the Queen Street West Business Improvement Area (BIA)

In an effort to minimize the impact of construction on local businesses and residents, construction work will be sequenced and will take place in smaller work zones of about 300 metres. Work will start at Bay Street and move west towards Spadina Avenue (planned for June to August), and then from Fennings Street east towards Spadina Avenue (planned for August to December). Vehicles will not be allowed in the work zones for up to four weeks to allow the work to be completed faster.

During construction, notification is provided to inform local residents and businesses of temporary disruptions to local roads and traffic. Residents and businesses are encouraged to sign-up for email updates to be issued once construction begins.

Pre-Construction Notice

Queen Street West Construction Map from Bay Street to Fennings Street

While active construction takes place you may experience dust, noise, vibrations and other inconveniences. The City will make efforts to reduce the impacts. We appreciate your patience.

Communication with Contractors

There are times when contractors need to communicate with homeowners about what is happening in the work area. This could be about driveway access, exterior pre-construction inspections, CaféTO and site restoration work. Contractor’s staff are identifiable by high-visibility clothing.

Where possible, a phone number for a contact person on-site will be provided on notices, to answer questions about work near your property. At other times, the contractor may knock on your door, but will then step away the required distance to discuss the work that is taking place and what can be expected that day. Please practice physical distancing with workers so everyone can remain safe. If you have questions, call the contact provided on this notice.

City-led infrastructure construction has been deemed essential to ensure the City’s infrastructure remain safe, in a state of good repair and able to meet Toronto’s needs. Learn about the City’s response to COVID-19.

Work Hours

Work on this project will take place 24 hours a day seven days a week. Excavation activities and heavy breaking will be carried out at various times throughout the day.

All concrete breaking activities will occur between 7 a.m. and 11 p.m.

Concrete breaking work is the most disruptive and will typically take place during the first two to three days for each phase of the construction.

There will be periods of 24 hour operations (overnight activities) by TTC crews during new rail installation. Around-the-clock work during rail installation is required to preserve the integrity and quality of new rail, concrete and to support the progress of the daytime activity. Overnight rail work by TTC may consist of moving new rail into position, rail installation and rail welding/grinding.

Property Access

The City-hired contractor may need access to the interior and exterior of your home to complete a pre-construction condition survey. Affected properties will receive a request to schedule a time to complete the pre-construction condition survey. Although participation is voluntary, the pre-construction survey results may be useful to confirm claims for potential damage caused by City construction.


In order to complete the work in a safe manner, there will be road and sidewalk restrictions within the construction work zone. Access for emergency vehicles will be maintained at all times.

The City’s contractor must ensure safe and accessible walkways and entryways are maintained for everyone during construction. Any temporary access disruptions will be communicated as soon as possible. If you experience a disruption, have a specific access need or related accommodation request, please contact the Public Consultation Unit listed on the right hand side of this page.

Traffic Management

Efforts are being made to manage traffic in the area for the safety of workers, road users and residents. People driving and cycling will not have access to the active work zone. Sidewalks will generally be open. As such, people cycling can dismount and use available sidewalks. Additional traffic management information will be communicated as it becomes available. Road users should expect delays and increased traffic on nearby main and side streets.

To ensure everyone’s safety, Paid Duty Officers (PDOs) and/or Traffic Agents will be deployed at the intersections on both ends of the active work zone


Parking will not be available within the active work zone. Pay and display on-street parking will be available east and west of each active work zone, where applicable. When work is taking place in your area, please direct your customers and visitors to park in the following Green P lots:

Parking Violation Notice

In an effort to reduce ticketing due to construction, the City encourages communities with construction to be patient as neighbours may need to temporarily relocate vehicles. If parking enforcement is called to a street, officers must issue a yellow parking violation notice (ticket) to vehicles in violation of parking by-laws. If you receive a yellow notice during this construction work, do the following within 15 days of the notice date:

  • Dispute the parking violation notice online or in person following the process listed on the back of the parking violation notice.

You may use the construction notice as part of the explanation of why the violation should be cancelled.

Violation notices cannot be cancelled if vehicles are parked in illegal parking spots (i.e. in front of a fire hydrant or in no parking zones).

Garbage & Recycling

Businesses and residents along Queen Street West should follow their normal routine and place bins on the curb on the required day. Collection on Queen Street West (Bay Street to Bathurst Street) occurs on Monday nights and (Bathurst Street to Fennings Street) is Thursday nights.

The contractor may need to move bins to an appropriate location for collection and then return them. If this is the case, notification and further instructions will be provided to all affected properties.


The construction work area will be restored with sod and/or asphalt where required in future stages of the work. Updates will be provided.

Pending Public Health restrictions regarding outdoor dining being lifted, the City will install curb lane closures to accommodate all successful CaféTO applicants.

The City will provide an email alert, approximately one week before the contractor reaches the area where your establishment is located.

Shortly after, the City inspector assigned to this project, or a representative from the contractor’s team, will inform you in person when work crews will remove the curb lane closure materials, such as traffic signs, pylons and concrete barriers. These items will be removed for up to four weeks. You will also be informed when you will need to remove and store all privately owned materials (e.g. built fencing, tables, chairs and umbrellas).

Once construction work is completed, the contractor will re-install the curb lane closure materials. At this point, you may also re-install your privately owned materials and resume operation of your patio.

Learn more about the CaféTO program.

During this project, the following changes to TTC service on Queen Street West are expected:

501/301 Queen

  • Queen streetcars will operate as far west as Parliament Street, then divert south and west via Parliament Street and King Street West to King/Spadina and turn back.
  • Queen buses will operate through the downtown area as far east as the Broadview/Queen intersection and turn back via Broadview, Gerrard, and River.
    • Queen buses (both ways) will be diverted around the construction zone via streets running parallel to Queen Street. The diversions will change as the work progresses. Routing information will be updated accordingly.

North-South Routes

Service crossing Queen Street will be maintained as best as possible, however there may be times when the service may need to be diverted around the construction.

Visit for accurate schedule information.

Sign-up for Email Updates

Given the fast pace of this project, it is recommended that you sign up for weekly updates. Your contact information will be kept private and will only be used to share information about this project.

Throughout construction the City has worked actively to keep local community members and businesses informed and involved in project stages.


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