Photo of Regal Road and Sprinmount intersection, facing north west.
Regal Road and Springmount intersection prior to the pilot project

The City of Toronto implemented a pilot project in June 2018 at the intersection of Regal Road and Springmount Avenue. This involved the installation of pavement markings and raised plastic bollards to narrow and realign the intersection, to reduce pedestrian crossing distances and enhance safety. This project was intended as a one-year pilot, and the City has received many comments on the interim design since it was installed. Staff have incorporated feedback received into new design options for the intersection which will be put forward for review and comment at a public event in spring 2019.



Please view the display panels from the public event and fill out the feedback form. It will take approximately 5 to 10 minutes to complete the form. The last day to submit feedback is May 29, 2019.

Public Drop-in Event

At this public drop-in event, attendees will have an opportunity to:

  • Learn about the history of this project, and the rationale for the proposed changes
  • View the draft design options for the intersection
  • Ask questions and speak to City of Toronto staff
  • Provide feedback on the proposed options

View the drop-in event notice.

For those unable to attend the event, all information materials (including an online feedback form) will be posted to the project website on the day of the event.

Map of study area highlighting Regal Road and Springmount intersection, along with nearby main streets (Davenport Road and Oakwood Avenue).
Map of the Study Area

A group of local residents had concerns with safety at the intersection at Regal Road and Springmount Avenue. Due to the large crossing distances in the intersection, and observations that many motor vehicles did not come to a complete stop at the stop signs, this group created a temporary “bump out” using chalk and leaves to narrow the intersection. With this temporary realignment, they observed that vehicle speeds decreased, and more vehicles came to complete stops at the stop signs. These community efforts were highlighted in many media reports in late November 2017.

The residents then approached the former Councillor’s office to see if a more permanent solution could be installed at the intersection. The Councillor’s office organized a public meeting in March 2018, and two meetings were also organized by the Regal Heights Residents Association. Permanent intersection modifications were discussed at these meetings and requested from the City. The City advised that this intersection was not scheduled for work within the next five years, but suggested a temporary intersection modification that could be completed with potential greening opportunities. The Councillor’s office and participating residents agreed with this approach.

In June 2018, the current interim design was installed. It features paint and bollards (flexible posts) to narrow the intersection, which decreases crossing distances. It also features more visible stop bars and lane markings. Many comments have been received on the interim design, and the City will put forward options for a long-term design at a public event in spring 2019.